Answers to frequently asked questions

How many current clients do you have? Can you list or describe them and what type of services you provide to them?2021-04-02T21:18:57+00:00

We focus on working with $3M – $10M grossing companies to help develop their import manufacturing and help take them to the next level of profits. We provide fabric and trim manufacturing including sourcing/development to full package manufacturing. We work very closely with customers from the beginning of development when concepts are being formulated to delivery of goods. Our QC team is local in China and is thorough with all QC inspections. You can also nominate a 3rd party QC team if you wish for final QC inspection.

Do you have a specialty? Are there any types of garments that you prefer not to handle?2021-04-02T21:32:40+00:00

Our specialty is contemporary and designer garments using all types of materials from synthetics to leather to silk, cashmere, denims from solid to print, cut and sew and a full range of accessories. Almost all the time we provide the fabric for the productions, since we are primarily a vertical company. We have years of experience in dresses and tops made from finer fabrics.

Do you prefer to work with your clients for sample development as well as production? Is it possible to do production only?2021-04-02T21:35:17+00:00

We are flexible and can work either way. Of course, if we do develop samples, it will be a more seamless transition into bulk production.

What is your primary method of communication with us clients?2021-04-02T21:36:12+00:00

Primarily by email. If there are urgent or time sensitive matters, we will call you.

Describe the sample/proto development process.2021-04-02T21:36:49+00:00

Development can start in different ways. We prefer a sample or pattern along with a spec. However, we have top rate patternmakers that can interpret sketches. Again, it’s all about the timeline. The less submitted in the beginning will push out sample delivery time. But we always try to work with our customers knowing the support may not be there to create submission materials. We are very flexible as long as time allows…

Can you work from designer mood sketches or are tech packs required?2021-04-02T21:37:27+00:00

Yes we can work with a sketch accompanied by some measurements.

Is it necessary for the designer to travel to the factory or office location? if so, how many times on average?2021-04-02T21:38:06+00:00

In our case, it would be China or India. No, it is not required but as or relationship grows, we would hope your designer could meet and work with our staff in India and China and do hands on development. This is particularly helpful if timeline is short.

If designer travels to China or India, how do we ensure fit is consistent for production if we do some production in the us? do you have in-house fit model or would we need to provide our own?2021-04-02T21:38:51+00:00

If your line is designer level and if your fit is really specific, we suggest to bring in your own model. We cannot guarantee there will be a local fit model that will fit your specifications in China or India.

Minimum quantities for production? can you do less for a surcharge? what is your maximum capacity for production?2021-04-02T21:39:30+00:00

We do production in China & India. India minimums could be as low as 50-100/style/color; Our factories are equipped for these quantities. A surcharge may apply if you cannot reach a particular minimum but we want to assist in GROWING your company so will work with your production quantities best we can.

Do you handle accessories?2021-04-02T21:40:00+00:00

Yes. Generally some leather and woven bags. We also handle trims and can ship anywhere.

What special machine or hand finishes can you provide (ex: picot, gimp stitch)?2021-04-02T21:40:32+00:00

All different types of machines which is too broad to list. We have a number of factories we outsource to in order to meet the special needs of our customers.

Do you outsource any of your services or are all services performed on site? describe pricing structure for samples.2021-04-02T21:41:08+00:00

We outsource trims and leather if customer requests it from Italy for instance. We have sample rooms both in India and China. Pricing structure varies from contemporary to designer – as low as $15 up to $6,000. Upcharge is normally 100% for sampling.

Describe pricing structure for production – cmt only or fob?2021-04-02T21:41:40+00:00

We can price out garment FOB, CIF OR DDP. Some companies just beginning their import production may not be familiar with or have experience in import logistics, so we would provide delivery to their door. Otherwise pricing is FOB or CIF. We can give CM or CMT pricing if you choose to supply all fabric and trim.

What is general lead time for samples (sms)? for production?2021-04-02T21:42:14+00:00

There are many variables to sms lead time. If fabric and trim are available, usually 2-3 weeks. If fabric and trim need to be developed, it could be up to 8 to 12 weeks (from fabric approvals to sms x factory). That is why we really emphasize doing all trim and fabric (solid & print) development with us, so we can move seamlessly into bulk production with less lead time. Production lead time is 60-90 days x-factory. Leadtime can be reduced based on availability of raw materials.

Is client responsible for ordering production materials?2021-04-02T21:42:49+00:00

If we cannot provide trim and fabric ourselves either internally or via outsourcing, we will require client to provide materials. This is normally in the case for leather but if you place an order for fabric with a mill for bulk, we will buy from your nominated vendor. However, we do prefer (but do not require) providing fabric ourselves.

What materials will factory provide for samples & production vs. what client will be responsible for providing?2021-04-02T21:43:38+00:00

See my reply above.

Can factory help source local materials (linings, zippers, trims, etc)? Do you have any vendor relationships that might be advantageous to us?2021-04-02T21:44:42+00:00

Absolutely. We have excellent trim vendors our factory has access to. We will counter-source any materials you request. Please note any special trim development needs to be started with sufficient lead-time.

What are desired payment terms?2021-04-02T21:45:17+00:00

New customers deposit and balance before shipment. For continuing customers (after 2 seasons) we can negotiate better payment terms based on completing credit memo.

What programs are used for patternmaking?2021-04-02T21:45:58+00:00

Computerized programs: Gerber and Lectra. We also do patterns by hand since we have a highly skilled patternmaking and draping staff with years of tailoring experience.

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